GeoGulf 2020 Call for Papers


70th Annual Convention Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies and the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM

September 30-October 2, 2020 Lafayette, Louisiana

GeoGulf 2020 co-hosted by: Hosted by the Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans Geological Societies and GCSSEPM Visit the 2020 GeoGulf Website

Call for Papers!

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2020 GCACS Journal Call for Papers!


If you would like to publish in the GCAGS Journal (the Peer-Reviewed Journal of Gulf Coast Geoscience) please submit an extended abstract of at least 600 words, including 1-2 representative figures, to GCAGS Journal Editor, Bob Merrill, at by December 16, 2019. Once accepted for publication, a full manuscript should be submitted before April . . . → Read More: 2020 GCACS Journal Call for Papers!

December 2019 Bulletin


President’s Column – December 2019


The holiday season is upon us. In the next month or so, many of us will spend more time with our families and friends than we do at any other time of the year. The retail business will speed up, and the average speeds on our congested, holiday-shopping roads will slow way down. Tempers will . . . → Read More: President’s Column – December 2019

Jack Shirley Memorial SIPES Scholarship Application – 2019



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Jack Shirley was an outstanding geologist who gave generously of his time and service to others in both his professional and private life. His dedication to the . . . → Read More: Jack Shirley Memorial SIPES Scholarship Application – 2019

LGS Luncheon – November 2018



When George Mitchell died in 2013, The Economist proclaimed, “few business people have done as much to change the world as George Mitchell,” a billionaire Texas oilman who defied the stereotypical swagger so identified with that industry. He did more than any other individual since John D. Rockefeller to alter the economics of . . . → Read More: LGS Luncheon – November 2018

President’s Column – November 2019


Until last week it had been a while since I last attended a true, geoscience convention. I hesitate to tell you exactly how long, lest you judge me unworthy of my role as president of this august society. Let’s just stick with “a while”. I remedied the situation last week, as I represented LGS at . . . → Read More: President’s Column – November 2019

November 2019 Bulletin


October 2019 Bulletin


President’s Column – October 2019


The business of finding and producing energy from fossil fuels is under attack. From lawsuits in our state that discourage investment and drive jobs and people to other states, to strident claims of imminent, world-wide destruction if we do not completely renounce and replace the energy we derive from fossil fuels with ill-suited . . . → Read More: President’s Column – October 2019