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President’s Letter – November 2021

Friends and colleagues,

I hope everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween weekend. It’s perhaps moot to comment on how quickly the year has flown by as we embark off into the holiday season, but I wish everyone well—especially as the leaves begin to drop and the ducks [hopefully] begin to fly down.

I’ve spoken . . . → Read More: President’s Letter – November 2021

President’s Letter – April 2021

To friends and colleagues,

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend. After all the detritus from the winter freeze, it’s been great to see the azalea’s in bloom around town. Hopefully the colorful exuberance seen outside is a good metaphor for the general optimism felt toward a return to pre-Covid activities.

. . . → Read More: President’s Letter – April 2021

President’s Column – Sep 2020

To friends and colleagues,

Hello! I hope everyone made it through the storm well enough. To say 2020 has been a challenge represents an affront to understatements the worldwide, especially for those still within the industry. As I write, WTI sits just below $43 and natural gas at $2.66. Between continued COVID-19 concerns, depressed oil . . . → Read More: President’s Column – Sep 2020

President’s Column – May 2020

Dear LGS Members,

As it becomes clear that our battle against Covid-19 takes on the characteristics of a long war, with campaigns, skirmishes, hotspots, successes, and setbacks, it is worthwhile to note that in matters like this, science doesn’t have all the answers. Science can provide guidance, which we should integrate into our . . . → Read More: President’s Column – May 2020

President’s Column – April 2020

Last month, in this letter, I wrote about unexpected events and uncertainty. We were at the beginning of the COVID event in the United States and I intended the letter to convey a note of optimism, both about the world events that were just then heating up rapidly, and about our own scientific . . . → Read More: President’s Column – April 2020

President’s Column – March 2020

Two months ago a roaring stock market and a bit of mid-east tension had given a boost to oil prices and I commented, in this column, that it might be a good time to dust off an old prospect. At the time my column was published in early January, who among us would have predicted . . . → Read More: President’s Column – March 2020

President’s Column – Feburary 2020

It is the morning after the pizza party and if you’re like my wife and I, who try (emphasis on try) to keep away from alcoholic beverages on weekdays, you may be feeling a bit fuzzy. I know I am. I think that means it was a successful party. Thanks to our vice-president, Jennifer Hargrave, . . . → Read More: President’s Column – Feburary 2020

President’s Column – January 2020

Happy New Year to everyone. I’m not sure I wish for them, but there is no doubt we live in interesting times. 2020 is here with a roaring stock market, increased tensions in the world, and for the moment, higher oil prices. If the higher commodity prices encourage you to dust off an old prospect . . . → Read More: President’s Column – January 2020

President’s Column – December 2019

The holiday season is upon us. In the next month or so, many of us will spend more time with our families and friends than we do at any other time of the year. The retail business will speed up, and the average speeds on our congested, holiday-shopping roads will slow way down. Tempers will . . . → Read More: President’s Column – December 2019

President’s Column – November 2019

Until last week it had been a while since I last attended a true, geoscience convention. I hesitate to tell you exactly how long, lest you judge me unworthy of my role as president of this august society. Let’s just stick with “a while”. I remedied the situation last week, as I represented LGS at . . . → Read More: President’s Column – November 2019