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President’s Letter – September 2021

Greetings on the new LGS season!

Before we tear off into the 2021-22 season, I wanted to give our customary yearend report for last season. I will not belabor the obvious, 2020-21 was a weird season. Yet, despite the obvious challenges, there was some good news!

The LGS board decided early last season that if . . . → Read More: President’s Letter – September 2021

Jack Shirley Memorial SIPES Scholarship Application – 2018

Jack Shirley was an outstanding geologist who gave generously of his time and service to others in both his professional and private life. His dedication to the profession began when he joined the Lafayette Geological Society in the early fifties. He later became involved with GCAGS activities and served as the Transactions Assistant Editor in 1966, as Editor in 1974, as Treasurer in 1980-1981 and was on the GCAGS Liaison Committee in 1980. He again was an Assistant Editor of the GCAGS Transactions in 1990 and chaired the Poster Committee at the 1999 GCAGS Convention in Lafayette. In 2002 Jack chaired one of the most successful Society of Independent Earth Science (SIPES) Conventions in the history of the organization. For his effort and his long-time service to SIPES, the Lafayette Chapter of SIPES honored Jack by establishing a scholarship in his name. . . . → Read More: Jack Shirley Memorial SIPES Scholarship Application – 2018

LBOPG Announces End of Grandfathered Application Acceptance

After nearly three years, the Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists is setting a deadline for the completion of applications begun under the grandfathering period. When the board was first established by the Louisiana Legislature, applications for grandfather status were accepted during a period between January 1, 2013, and January 1, 2015. Nearly 2,000 applications for . . . → Read More: LBOPG Announces End of Grandfathered Application Acceptance

LGS Beer & Steer

Interested in learning about geosteering? Join LGS at Jefferson Street Pub on 12/7 for a geosteering short course, networking and beer! The first 15 professional and 15 student attendees will receive 2 drink tickets with their registration. . . . → Read More: LGS Beer & Steer

SGS 2017 Scholarship Fund Application

Shreveport Geological Society

The Shreveport Geological Society offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study in geology-related programs to encourage innovation in the field and help you reach your dreams. The deadline to apply is February 17, 2017. Please read the information at their site HERE below before submitting an application.

Download Link

[pdf width=”800″ height=”1030″][/pdf]

. . . → Read More: SGS 2017 Scholarship Fund Application

Jack Shirley Memorial SIPES Scholarship Application

For more information on the scholarship please contact James Gamble at (337) 781-3294.

Download Link

[pdf width=”800″ height=”1030″][/pdf]

Shreveport Geological Society Golf Invitation

Shreveport Geological Society

The Shreveport Geological Society has invited our members to participate in their golf tournament on September 9th. Details and the registration form are below.


[pdf width=”100%” height=”1050″][/pdf]

LAGCOE Poster Winners

Congratulations to this year’s LAGCOE Poster winners. As always we’re grateful for all of the participants. Here are the winners:



1st Place – Scott Hamilton – An investigation of the mass balance of oil and gas produced versus estimated reserves remaining within the A.W.P. Field, McMullen County, Texas





. . . → Read More: LAGCOE Poster Winners

October LAGCOE Student Breakfast Gallery

Thanks to all of the participants and attendees to the LAGCOE student poster sessions. Here are some photos of the event: . . . → Read More: October LAGCOE Student Breakfast Gallery

LGS/SWLGS BBQ Ice Breaker – 2015

What: Annual BBQ Icebreaker When: Thursday, September 10th, 2015 5:30pm-9:30pm Where: Vermilionville (300 Fisher Road, Lafayette)



[pdf width=”800″ height=”1050″][/pdf]