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President’s Column – October 2013


Hope you were able to attend one or both of our LGS events in September.  The Kickoff BBQ held Sept. 12 at Vermilionville was well attended with ~175 tickets sold.  We were a hungry crowd too as the kitchen had to make up an additional 15 meals to accommodate us.  The following week we had our 1st monthly meeting of the 2013-14 year.  Our own Bill Finley led us through a detailed array of exhibits in his “The Truth of Inconvenience” talk moving from the whale oil era to the present with a glimpse of the future in the hydrocarbon arena.

October mtg - The October monthly meeting will be a bit different from our usual lunch at the Petroleum Club.  We will meet at the Cajundome on the 4th Wednesday of the Month from 07:30 till 09:00 for a breakfast meeting. There will be poster displays by ULL students of some of their research work and discussion of the Board’s proposed Constitutional changes as required by our constitution.  This meeting occurs on one of the mornings of the biannual LAGCOE Exposition which should allow folks to move directly from the LGS mtg. to the Exposition when it opens at 09:00.  You will need to register for LAGCOE either via the web at: or on site the morning of the breakfast. Registration is free.

Education Outreach – In June LGS donated a subscription for the AAPG Datapages to the UL Library.  The subscription was a onetime cost $15,545 for permanent access to papers in 41 collections from 37 geological publishers (this number is growing). The Datapages allows users to search-and-retrieve these papers through a single interface and should be a great resource for the universities’ geoscience students now and in the future.

ULL student scholarship recipients from LGS scholarships for 2013:

Bill Paine LGS Endowed Scholarship:

Jason Dayley, Brian Fischer, Hong Hoang, Jacob Juneau, Jin Watkins

Joe Battle LGS Memorial Geology Scholarship:

Beau Andrepont, David Burley, Abby Ford, Austin Shotwell

Both the Datapages subscriptions and the scholarship programs are examples of LGS working with young geologists that will ably fill our shoes in the future.  I wish there had been an active, local geological society in the places where I attended undergraduate and graduate geology programs to support us.

Constitutional changes – The LGS Board is proposing a number of Constitutional changes to better align the LGS with current practices and to streamline our structure and operations. Details of the exact changes and rationale for each will be posted on the website.  We’ll discuss the changes at the October monthly meeting.

Lineup of future LGS speakers:

November: Dr. James Crane Jr. - “Effects of Stress and Water Saturation on Seismic Velocity and Attenuation”

December: Jeff Spencer – Texas/Louisiana Oil & Gas History

January: Bryan Stephens – “Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Coastal Geomorphology across the Northern Gulf of Mexico”

February: Arthur Berman – “Reflections on a Decade of Shale Plays in the U.S.”

The GCAGS annual convention will be held next week, Oct 6-8 in New Orleans.  Go, if you are able, as there are always good talks that are regionally relevant to our business.

When Pete Rose was the president of the Houston Geological Society he used to recommend a book in his monthly column to the readers.  I have a book recommendation for you this month.  “Rising from the Plains” by John McPhee is a very interesting quasi biography of J. D. Love, described as an “autochthonous geologist” who authored state geologic maps of Wyoming twice, in 1955 and 1985.  The author combines the story of Love’s life with excellent descriptions of Wyoming’s highly diverse geology.  Unfortunately the Lafayette Public Library does not show the book in a search of its collection but it is readily available through multiple booksellers.  Read this and you’ll be reminded why geology is such an interesting avocation!

You’ll get different pictures for the “President’s Column” each month.

See you on the 23rd at the monthly BREAKFAST mtg!


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