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2016 Alumni Crawfish Boil – Date Change

Dear SLI/USL/ULL Geology Department Alumni, The LGS/School of Geosciences’ crawfish boil has been re-scheduled for May 14th – the day after graduation!  It will still be at the alumni house and run from 11:30am to about 3pm.  Because of the revised timing, we will open up ticket sales again.  If you did not sign up previously, please consider doing so.  Tickets can be purchased on the LGS website, or payments can be mailed in to LGS (P.O. Box 51896; Lafayette, LA 70505). If you signed up previously, but cannot make it on the new date please contact the LGS to be refunded (or perhaps consider using your ticket for a student).  This should be a fun event anyway, but now it can also serve as a graduation celebration.  Hope to see you there. Most of you should be aware of the current financial condition existing in Louisiana, and the reduced budgets impacting the University. We will be charging a small extra fee to guarantee a profit dedicated to supporting the Geology Department, students, and faculty. If you are not aware, Dr. Brian Lock is retiring at the end of this semester. The Department is establishing a new endowed fund (the Student Technology and Research Fund) honoring Brian to maintain and perpetuate the uniqueness of the Petroleum Geology curriculum at ULL. The LGS is matching up to $10,000 of your donations to kick start this new fund. Please consider a donation. We hope that you will have time and will make plans to attend this year; come renew old friendships, make new ones, and meet the next generation of professionals. Besides, the beer will be cold and the crawfish will be hot; what’s not to like.

Tickets for the crawfish boil are available online here via online purchase. A link is located below.

Donations to the fund is available online at

Or if you prefer, print and fill out the attached reservation and donation sheet, write a check and mail both to:

LGS/ULL Crawfish Boil, PO Box 51896, Lafayette, LA, 70505-1896.


 Registration for the 2016 ULL Geology Department Crawfish Boil.

Name: ____________________________________________.Year of graduation: ______________. Spouse: ___________________________.     Email: ____________________________________. Mailing address: ______________________________, __________________________, _________. Will you sponsor a student? ______. (You may sponsor a student even if you do not plan to attend.) # of tickets to purchase: _____ (family, friends and/or student) @ $35 per ticket = ______________. Contributions to the Student Technology and Research Fund                                         _______________. Total contributions and ticket purchases                                                                  _______________.

Thank you for your participation and generosity. Dr. David M Borrok                                                                          William R Finley Department Of Geosciences                                                      Lafayette Geological Society

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