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LGS Luncheon – January 2017


Title: Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Formations: Gas Cycling

The problems involved in improving recovery from 5% OOIP to better than 20 – 30% OOIP using gas cycling are illustrated and definition of the terminology encountered and the mechanism of vaporization and condensation in nanopore structures discussed. Additional laboratory evaluation of the fluids, both reservoir and cycle gas, beyond basic pressure volume temperature relationship is explained. The phenomena of bubble point, minimum miscibility pressure depression in small nanopores requiring additional laboratory evaluation of cores is illustrated.



Derek Beckett is Director of Technology Development for the Petroleum Services Division of Core Laboratories. Derek has 40 years of international and domestic experience in phase behavior, core analysis and laboratory equipment design and construction.  Recent projects include the startup of Core Lab’s Digital Rock Characterization (DRC) group from feasibility study through hardware selection and the development of analytical protocols and the design and construction of a 3-phase, 20K psi pore pressure re-circulation rig. Current efforts are focused on understanding and increasing recovery in unconventional reservoirs using gas cycling methods.

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