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LGS Luncheon – March 2019

Abstract: Drillinginfo Presentation


Drillinginfo has increased its geological offerings over the last few years by expanding its Geology Team in Austin, TX, creating regional studies in all the major North American resource play basins, and building software tools and geological interpretations designed to help our customers get ahead of the competition via rapid play assessments and analysis.


Patrick Rutty and Adrian Gilfoil will briefly cover DI’s product offering but will focus this presentation on innovative workflows such as well targeting, GOR prediction, and petrophysics. This will be followed by a quick review of DI’s Transform software and its ability to accelerate and improve the quality of geoscience analysis with automated well log correlation, advanced property estimation, adaptive log normalization, and multivariate analysis.


Bio:  Patrick Rutty

Patrick earned an Earth Sciences A.B. from Dartmouth College and a Geophysics M.S. from Stanford University before starting his career in 1991. After seventeen years generating and drilling exploration prospects in North America, the Middle East, and Europe, Patrick took on a series of management and executive roles. He held positions at Amoco, Sonat, Saudi Aramco, Aspect Energy/Hungarian Horizon Energy, Anschutz Exploration, Fidelity Exploration & Production, and Alcova Resources before joining Drillinginfo in February 2017 as Product Manager – DI Transform. In that role he has worked with external and internal partners to build, maintain, and enhance software that helps the upstream oil and gas industry tackle its challenges. He also oversees Drillinginfo’s technical sales and consulting teams.




Bio: Adrian Gilfoil

Adrian is a Customer Education Manager at Drillinginfo and has been with the company for over 5 years. Before joining Drillinginfo in 2013, she worked as a Landman in North Louisiana working with several land and E&P companies. Throughout her time at Drillinginfo, Adrian has been primarily focused on training, supporting, and technical development for customers. She has managed and developed relationships with hundreds of clients across the industry, elevating the overall customer experience and engaging customers on how to get the most value from their membership. She works from home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and studied Art at Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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