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President’s Column – October 2019

The business of finding and producing energy from fossil fuels is under attack. From lawsuits in our state that discourage investment and drive jobs and people to other states, to strident claims of imminent, world-wide destruction if we do not completely renounce and replace the energy we derive from fossil fuels with ill-suited alternatives that come with their own set of environmental costs, the drumbeat is incessant and discouraging. It is perhaps especially so for those who are just starting their geoscience careers.  Some might ask, is it even worth it?

Each of us must answer the question for ourselves, but I believe there are some general truths that can impact our calculations. Virtually every measure of human well-being, like life expectancy, household wealth, literacy, and even the likelihood of living in a democratic country, correlates positively with the dramatic increase, starting at the beginning of the 20th century, in the use of energy from coal, crude oil, and natural gas.  Accessible, affordable energy is a catalyst for human flourishing, and I am of the opinion that flourishing, prosperous, aspiring humans, lots of them, are far more likely to conquer the challenges of the future than a few grim prophets of doom.  So whether you’re a young geologist at the beginning of an energy career, or someone who is near retirement, proceed with abandon.  The world needs you!

The 2019 GCAGS/GeoGulf conference is scheduled for October 23-25 in Houston. Please consider attending.  The reduced room rate at the host hotel expires on October 4th.

A special thanks to all those who attended and supported the Fall Barbecue. It was a successful event and it seemed that everyone enjoyed the good food and conversations.


Best regards,


Trevor Casper



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