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President’s Column – January 2020

Happy New Year to everyone.  I’m not sure I wish for them, but there is no doubt we live in interesting times.  2020 is here with a roaring stock market, increased tensions in the world, and for the moment, higher oil prices.  If the higher commodity prices encourage you to dust off an old prospect or two, this month’s speaker may be able to help you.  Steve Tobias is the head of a company called NearFX, or Near Field Exploration Solutions.  Many of his tools and techniques are directly applicable to Gulf Coast interpretations and geology and one of the phrases on the website for NearFX is “Using advanced technologies to find overlooked oil and gas accumulations”.  Finding overlooked oil and gas accumulations is the stock-in-trade of many LGS members, so I would encourage you all to attend our first luncheon of 2020 on Wednesday, January 15th.

Our pizza party is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd at Deano’s on Bertrand from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.  The primary focus of this event is to encourage friendship and discussion between the student and professional members of the society.  This is a free event, so there’s no reason not to attend.  I hope to see you there.

The annual GCAGS convention, now known as GEOGULF, will be held in Lafayette from September 30th to October 2nd, 2020.  James Willis is the chair of this event and will be providing updates on the technical program and sponsorship opportunities at most of our upcoming meetings.  Sponsorship of the event is essential for its success and I would encourage anyone who is interested in supporting GEOGULF 2020 to contact James at 337-277-3652 or

Best regards,
Trevor Casper

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