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President’s Column – Feburary 2020

It is the morning after the pizza party and if you’re like my wife and I, who try (emphasis on try) to keep away from alcoholic beverages on weekdays, you may be feeling a bit fuzzy.  I know I am.  I think that means it was a successful party.  Thanks to our vice-president, Jennifer Hargrave, for organizing the event.


If you think back to our November lunch meeting which we held jointly with SPE and AADE, some of you may recall my description of my cross-town dash to retrieve the backpack that contains the LGS cashbox and other materials used by our treasurer, Tony Cagle, to manage our accounts and take lunch payments at our monthly meetings.  I had possession of the backpack again in the days leading up to our January meeting, as Tony was out of town.  I set reminders on multiple electronic calendars, wrote myself notes on sticky pads and pasted them up at home and at the office.  I was not going to make the same mistake twice.  And I didn’t.  I showed up early with the backpack in hand.  In fact I was so early that the only other person there, other than the Petroleum Club staff, was the speaker, Steve Tobias.  So Steve and I visited for a while about the state of the business and the state of LGS and at one point he looked out at the empty tables in the room and asked, “are you going to fill all these tables?”


The question made me a bit nervous but I needn’t have worried.  I had arrived quite early and my timing was off.  By the time 11:20 rolled around the guests were arriving steadily, and almost every table was full by the time we started the meeting.


What I mean to illustrate with my anecdote is that the Lafayette Geological Society, along with its professional brothers and sisters—SWLGS, SIPES, SPE, AADE—is still a valued part of the geoscience community in Lafayette.  We had a good crowd at our January luncheon.  And a good speaker.  It would be a shame if we didn’t have these luncheons to go to, where we meet old friends and colleagues and hopefully learn something that will help us in our careers or our studies.
It’s not time yet, but in a short while we will again be asking for volunteers to fill positions on the board—Treasurer, President-elect, Secretary, etc.  I know that most everyone in the room at an LGS luncheon has most likely held one or more of these positions in the recent, or distant past, but I would encourage anyone who has an interest in seeing the organization continue as a vital and important part of the geoscience community in Lafayette to consider standing for a spot on the board.

Best regards,
Trevor Casper

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