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Field Trip: Teche – Vermilion 2020

Lafayette Geological Society Field Trip, Saturday April 25th

In the aftermath of the great Mississippi River flood of 1927, the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project was authorized, and protection levees began to be constructed along the Atchafalaya River. These levees provided for increased development in our area of south Louisiana, but they also cut off Bayou Teche and the Vermilion River from their historic water source. The Teche-Vermilion Fresh Water District was created to supply fresh water to the Teche-Vermilion basins and sustain water quality and quantity in the area.

Our field trip, which has been put together by Dr. Tim Duex, will be a tour of the features of the Teche-Vermilion Fresh Water District. The tour will be led by Donald Sagrera, who is the Water District’s executive director. The trip will include a nice brochure that details the history, features, function, and benefits of the Water District, another brochure describing some of the geological features of the Teche and Vermilion basins, and lunch. Transportation will be in personal vehicles.

Please consider signing up for the field trip and learning about the waterways that supply and remove fresh water from our city and parish. The cost is $30 for all members except for students, who can attend for $15. There is a PayPal link on the LGS website that will make it easy to pay for the trip in advance. For questions, contact Dr. Tim Duex at


Regular Member Tickets – Click HERE 

Student Tickets – Click HERE

Teche Vermilion water district



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