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President’s Column – Sep 2020

To friends and colleagues,

Hello! I hope everyone made it through the storm well enough. To say 2020 has been a challenge represents an affront to understatements the worldwide, especially for those still within the industry. As I write, WTI sits just below $43 and natural gas at $2.66. Between continued COVID-19 concerns, depressed oil prices, and the upcoming elections, I suspect that we are still a way away from true recovery. However, there is room for optimism with the number of positive COVID-19 cases dropping around the state, and within the Lafayette area.

For the 2020-21 season, the board has decided to move forward with a September luncheon at the Petroleum Club, to be held in person. Dr. James Willis will give a Smackover presentation as a warmup for the upcoming GeoGulf convention ( We are following guidance from the state and Petroleum Club who have assured us they will do everything in the power to provide a safe venue. In such trying times it feels odd to invite a group of people to meet, so I encourage everyone to make prudent decisions regarding personal safety and to also think of others.

In that vein, to try and limit physical transactions at the luncheon (and to encourage everyone to pay their dues for the upcoming season!) please utilize this link (, or consider sending in a check the old fashioned way. Paying online helps the treasurer immensely in their quest to make sense of the books.

Beyond the upcoming luncheon, please make plans to attend the GeoGulf Convention and Exhibition running September 30th through the 2nd of October. Note that attendance, exhibition, and sponsorship at GeoGulf will give registration to attend, exhibit, and sponsor at AAPG ACE 2020 Online at no additional cost. This deal only exists this year due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, so please take advantage of a local sponsorship opportunity to get international exposure. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. James Willis, for more details (

Lastly, I want to thank out the outgoing Board for their time and dedication to making the society run in these trying times. Thank you, Dr. Jennifer Hargrave and Grace Stone, for your assistance and guidance, and a special thanks to Tony Cagle for his commitment over the last few years as our Treasurer. He’s worked tirelessly to streamline much of the behind the scenes work regarding dues and donations. Please join me in thanking them when you see them.

I also want to introduce Bill Terrell as our new treasurer and to implore anyone interested in joining the 2020-21 board to contact me. After we unceremoniously ended our 2019-20 LGS year, we are left without a President-elect, Vice President, and secretary. Please consider helping to keep this proud society moving forward well into the future. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or thoughts to improve the society.


Be well,

Joe Morris

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