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Professional Geoscientist designation

As some of you may recall, the Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists was created by Act 974 of the 2010 Legislative Session. Like most things run by the state, it is underfunded and behind schedule. About the only thing done so far was the election of Dr. Madhurendu Kumar as acting Chairman of the Board, even though there is no board as of yet. Unfortunately, there are several dates and deadlines involved with the board. And please keep in mind that I just came into possession of this information this week. But anyone applying for the Professional Geoscientist designation before January 1, 2012 will not be required to submit a written examination if they meet other statutory requirements. Here is the rub: At this time, there is no application, examination, or statutory requirements. I spoke to Dr. Kumar yesterday, and he is offering the following remedy, to quote “put everyone’s mind at peace.” If you submit a letter to him, stating your name and personal information, and that you intend to apply for P.G. designation, he will consider that as an application that can be grandfathered in. And you can even email him. Dr. Kumar also told me that he is going to lobby to have the grandfather date pushed back, as the board is far from up and running, but that will take, LITERALLY, an act of the Legislature. So there is no way of knowing if and when that will happen. So I am going to recommend to everyone that is interested in having the P.G. designation, they should go ahead and act now.

Physical Address: Dr. Madhurendu Kumar
LADNR-Office of Conservation
617 N. Third, 9th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802


Phone: 225-342-5501

1 comment to Professional Geoscientist designation

  • This is to inform all the geoscientists that the Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists has been operating since September 3, 2013. Now, it has its website up and running. Please visit it at for the grandfather application form. The deadline for the grandfather provision is January1, 2014.
    Thanks !