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Reference Logs

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources recently notified the Lafayette Geological Society that they were in possession of a set of Louisiana reference logs that were compiled and annotated by the Lafayette Geological Society perhaps as long ago as the 1950s. The Department made digital images of these logs and their reference map, and they can be accessed at the tab marked “Reference Logs” on the Lafayette Geological Society Home Page. These logs will also be available on the SONRIS website


Area 1-AArea 2-AArea 3-AArea 4-AArea 5-AArea 6-AArea 7-AArea 8-AArea 9-AArea 10-A
Area 11-AArea 12-AArea 13-AArea 14-AArea 15-AArea 16-AArea 17-AArea 18-AArea 19-AArea 20-A
Area 21-AArea 22-AArea 23-AArea 24-AArea 25-AArea 26-AArea 27-AArea 28-AArea 29-AArea 30-A
Area 31-AArea 32-AArea 33-AArea 34-AArea 35-AArea 36-AArea 37-AArea 38-AArea 39-AArea 40-A
Area 41-AArea 42-AArea 43-AArea 44-AArea 45-AArea 46-AArea 47-AArea 48-AArea 49-AArea 50-A
Area 51-AArea 52-AArea 53-AArea 54-AArea 55-AArea 56-AArea 57-AArea 58-AArea 59-AArea 60-A
Area 61-A