President’s Column – November 2019


Until last week it had been a while since I last attended a true, geoscience convention. I hesitate to tell you exactly how long, lest you judge me unworthy of my role as president of this august society. Let’s just stick with “a while”. I remedied the situation last week, as I represented LGS at . . . → Read More: President’s Column – November 2019

November 2019 Bulletin


October 2019 Bulletin


President’s Column – October 2019


The business of finding and producing energy from fossil fuels is under attack. From lawsuits in our state that discourage investment and drive jobs and people to other states, to strident claims of imminent, world-wide destruction if we do not completely renounce and replace the energy we derive from fossil fuels with ill-suited . . . → Read More: President’s Column – October 2019

Third Annual LGS Coastal Symposium


The Coastal Symposium, the premier annual academic Louisiana coastal conference, will bring together scientists, engineers, geographers, and policy makers from across the range of geoscience-related disci-plines to exchange ideas, interpretations, and insights into Louisiana coastal geology – both onshore and offshore – and on associated topics . . . → Read More: Third Annual LGS Coastal Symposium

LGS Luncheon – October 2019


Abstract: “Exploration Success Equation, Forecasting Abilities of Explorers and the Role of Luck in Petroleum Exploration”

Dr. Alexei V. Milkov

An exploration company is successful when it predictably and consistently creates high value from petroleum exploration. When defined like that, exploration success depends on the right combination of property (acreage), processes, people and luck. In . . . → Read More: LGS Luncheon – October 2019

Annual LGS / SWLGS BBQ Ice Breaker


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President’s Column – September 2019


After what I hope was a nice summer break for everyone, it is Geology season once again. Welcome back.

If you don’t know me, my name is Trevor Casper, and I am a petroleum geoscientist who has had the good fortune of working much of my professional career right here in Lafayette. I started my . . . → Read More: President’s Column – September 2019

September 2019 Bulletin


September 2019 Luncheon


Abstract: “Quick-Look Deterministic Approach for Evaluating Shale Distribution in Sandstone Reservoirs”

James J. Willis, Ph.D. Willis School of Applied Geoscience St. Martinville, Louisiana

Co-Authors: Duncan S. McIntosh, Jr., Gregory J. Ferguson, Garrett M. Goettel, Jesse W. Zwennes, and James Pasley Shale distribution in sandstone reservoir can be broadly described in terms of three components: shale . . . → Read More: September 2019 Luncheon